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Police Department

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University Police Department

The UAFS Police Department is the law enforcement agency with primary jurisdiction on properties owned, controlled, or leased by the university. All UAFS police officers are trained law enforcement professionals and certified by the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training.

All police officers are armed and have full powers of arrest. Each officer is required to meet the same physical and educational standards as any other police officer in the state of Arkansas. These standards are set forth by the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training. All full-time officers must attend an Arkansas-approved police academy within one year of their hire date. The academy consists of 12 weeks during which students are taught more than 480 hours of law enforcement curriculum. Topics of instruction include ethics, search and seizure, arrest and physical defense tactics, criminal investigation, and emergency vehicle operations.

UPD officers are tasked with the prevention and investigation of any and all criminal activities that occur on the UAFS campus. UPD is currently staffed with eight certified police officers giving 24-hour-a-day coverage 365 days a year. Though they may not always be in the office, an officer is always on duty.

All of the officers of the UAFS Police Department are dedicated to a high level of excellence in the service of the students, faculty, and staff of UAFS. If you have any questions, suggestions, commendations, or complaints concerning a UPD officer, please e-mail them to Please include in your email the nature of the encounter, when and where it occurred, and any contact information you can provide. All complaints against any UAFS employee are taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.